2015 8/1(sat)-2(sun)


To promote the safety of the attendees and to make sure the TIF2015 experience is enjoyable for every one of those attending the festival, the following rules have been put in place. We ask all the attendees to act morally, as it is essential for the success of the festival. Your kind understanding and cooperation would be highly appreciated.

Rules and Regulations
  • Whether indoors or outdoors, please follow TIF staff's instructions at the festival site.
  • Moshing, stage diving, and crowd surfing are strictly prohibited. They are dangerous, inconvenience other attendees, and interrupt the filming of the festival as well. Whenever any of these acts or situations is witnessed, stages may be stopped or cancelled. Those who fail to comply with TIF staff will be ejected from the festival site. The festival accepts no liability for injuries and accidents resulting from such acts. " Please be advised that the following acts will result in being ejected from the festival site and wristband confiscation.
  • Please be advised that the following acts will result in being ejected from the festival site and wristband confiscation.

    ・Intoxication or other signs of impairments related to alcohol consumption (Anybody who is under the influence of alcohol cannot enter the festival site.)
    ・Inappropriately removing clothing while viewing the performances
    ・Any attempt to go over the security barricades in front of viewing areas
    ・Throwing of items onto the stages
    ・Occupying an inordinately large viewing space as a group
    ・Vandalizing or damaging the festival site
    ・Any other dangerous behaviors that may harm the artists or other attendees
  • Distribution of flyers or samples unauthorized by TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2015 is not allowed. Outside the stage area and merchandizing area is a public space where distribution of unauthorized flyers and samples is subject to punishment under the Tokyo municipal ordinance.
  • Littering is becoming a big issue. Please take your trash home with you.
  • Use of video or audio recording devices without permission is strictly prohibited inside the festival site. TIF staff will erase the data recorded in violation of this policy, and all kinds of recording media will be confiscated. Those who refuse to comply will be subject to ejection, and their recording devices will be confiscated.
  • For your own safely, please do not jaywalk.
  • To ensure the safety of other attendees, TIF will search your belongings upon entry to each venue. Please be advised that it may take some time to get inside each venue.
  • Bringing weapons or hazardous items (or other items that management may consider dangerous or problematic) into the festival site is strictly prohibited. Persons found to be in possession of illegal items will be reported to the police immediately.
  • Please make sure that you always attend to your belongings. TIF production and staff bear no responsibility for any items stolen or lost.
  • Please be responsible for your own behavior inside and outside the festival site.
  • To ensure the safety of the attendees and not to cause annoyance to local residents, the act of taking up space around the festival site overnight (camping out) is strictly prohibited.
  • Due to the regulations under Tokyo municipal ordinance, people under 18 years are not allowed to stay at the festival or enter the festival after 10 pm. Everyone will be required to show an ID upon entry.
  • TIF production and staff bear no responsibility for any accidents resulting from negligence of attendees.
  • The festival is going to take place over a long time. To avoid sunstroke or heat stroke, we encourage the attendees to dress appropriately, be prepared for inclement weather, and to stay hydrated. If you don't feel well during the event, please contact TIF staff for medical assistance immediately.
  • TV crew will be filming the festival. Please be advised that those who attend the festival may be filmed. The material recorded during the event may be broadcast on TV or used for news reports, advertising, promotion, and merchandizing.
  • For the purpose of filming or interviews to the artists, the viewing area may be changed or entry may be restricted to some extent.
  • Admission may be restricted to each venue due to over-capacity.
  • Use of lighters or matches outside the smoking area is strictly prohibited.
  • Please refrain from any act of despoiling the natural environment either inside or outside the festival site.
  • The festival is not liable for any traveling and accommodation costs (including cancellation fees) in the event of cancellation or postponement of the festival.
Rules and Regulations Regarding Tickets and Wristbands
  • You cannot enter the festival with the ticket issued to you by the ticket agency.
    You must exchange your ticket with the wristband at the Wristband Exchange Booth, and attach it to your wrist before you enter. If you are attaching the wristband yourself, please make sure to fasten it tight, to keep it from falling off.
  • There will be no reference numbers issued for the exchange.
    When the exchange starts, please exchange in order.
  • If you already have your wristband, please raise your arm so that the staff can see it when you enter the areas that are not free or the priority areas inside the free stage area. If you do not show your wristband, we can refuse admission. (If the area is fully occupied, we may have to restrict entrance.)
  • Persons found to have entered the festival illegally will be asked to leave whatever reasons you may have.
    Furthermore, the person will also be handed over to the police and charged for compensation.
  • Once you remove the wristband, it will become invalid, so please do not remove your wristband while it is still valid. And please handle it with care before the event.
  • Please take note that if you remove the wristband valid for two days on the first day, you cannot enter on the second day. If it is difficult for you to leave the wristband on for two days, please purchase two separate tickets for each day.
  • Whatever reasons you may have, we will neither re-issue tickets nor wristbands if you damage or lose your ticket.We will also not exchange or refund tickets bought by mistake.
  • Those who do not follow instructions of staff or cause any disturbances will be ejected from the festival site. Tickets will not be refunded in this case.
  • Artist line-up may change.
    Ticket refunds will not be made due to artist cancellation or any other changes.
  • The festival will be cancelled in unfortunate cases of inclement weather. Please note that ticket refunds will not be made in these cases.
  • Transferring or resale of tickets for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited under the regulation set by All Japan Concerts & Live Entertainment Promoters Conference (Chapter Four, Clause 15 "Prohibition of Resale")
  • The validity of tickets bought from individuals, auction sites, and ticket brokers is not guaranteed.
  • Persons found with transferred tickets will be prohibited to enter. Upon such cases, we will take legal action.
  • We will not be responsible for any problems that arise due to transferred or resold tickets and the problems shall be solved between the parties involved.
  • ・ For any information on tickets, please contact the ticket agency.
    Please inquire to: Rakuten Ticket
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
【Regarding Entrance】
  • Will it be possible to enter the festival after the festival has already started? Are we allowed to exit the festival and enter again?
  • For the areas that are not free, you may enter any time after you exchange your ticket to a wristband. For the free stage area, you may enter at any time during the festival.
    ※ In some venues, we may have to restrict admission.
    Please show your wristband to the staff when entering a venue.
【Regarding the Live Shows and Stage】
  • Are we allowed to see all the shows?
  • There will be different live shows held in each venue simultaneously, so there will be cases when the shows you wish to see will overlap and you cannot view all that you wish to. In some venues, we may have to restrict admission.
  • Will we have to exit and enter the venue again for each show?
  • No, basically, there is no need to exit and enter for each show. However, there may be cases where we might have to do so according to the event, so for details, please inquire to the staff at the event.
  • Are we permitted to record and shoot the shows?
  • Unauthorized shootings and recordings using recording or filming devices such as cameras, smart phones, mobile phones with camera, video cameras, and tape recorders are strictly prohibited.
  • Are we allowed to bring food and beverages into the stage areas?
  • Only beverages are allowed inside the stage areas. Food is prohibited in the areas that are not free. Both food and beverages are allowed in the free areas.
  • Will there be any restrictions at the free stage area?
  • The free stage is open to everyone but those with wristbands will be given priority. Please understand the fact that for security purposes, we may have to restrict admission.
  • Will you have reserved and non-reserved seats?
  • No.
【About Goods for Sale and Hand Shaking Event】
  • Is it alright if I give a gift to idols at the hand shaking event?
  • Details for the event vary depending on idols, so please consult their homepage.
  • Is it possible for fans to shake hands with the same group several times at the event?
  • Details for the event vary depending on idols, so please consult their homepage.
  • Can I buy goods at the venue?
  • Yes, there will be TIF official merchandise and items for each idol available for sale. We will post further information about the location of the shops.
  • Can I use a credit card at the event?
  • Sorry, credit cards are not accepted at shops and restaurants at the event. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.
  • What kind of idol merchandise will be there?
  • Please check each idol's homepage.
【About Your Baggage】
  • Can I leave my luggage at the reception?
  • Sorry, there will be no reception desk at the site. We ask that you use coin-operated lockers nearby. Please take personal responsibility for your belongings. The TIF office and staff members won't be responsible for any loss or damage of your luggage.
【About Weather Conditions】
  • Will the event be held if it rains?
  • Yes, but some of the staging events might be canceled in the event of rain, and we cannot refund you for them.
  • Can I use my umbrella if it rains?
  • Please refrain from using umbrellas in crowded places at the site. You are allowed to use them when moving to a different area at the site. Please follow staff's instructions. We recommend that you bring a raincoat in case of sudden weather changes in order to see open-air stages.
【In Case of Emergencies and Other Concerns】
  • What should I do if I feel sick at the site?
  • There will be an aid station on site. If you feel sick, please notify any staff nearby.
  • Can I throw away trash at the site?
  • We ask that you take any trash home. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  • Is there parking available?
  • Sorry, we don't have any parking on site. There are fee-charging parking lots nearby, but we would like to encourage you to use public transportation.
  • Are there any places to charge our phones and tablets?
  • Sorry, there will be no places to charge them.
  • Can my pet accompany me?
  • Sorry, pets are not allowed.
  • Are there any smoking areas on site?
  • Yes, smoking areas will be available, and smoking is allowed at the designated areas. Please throw away your cigarette butts in the trash can there. Never throw them away in public places and parks. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • Are there going to be any places to buy food and drinks at the event?
  • Yes, there will be a food court at the site.
  • Can I drink at the site?
  • Sorry, we have to ask any intoxicated visitors to leave. We also ask that you not bring any alcoholic drinks to the event.
【To Visitors with Small Children】
  • Are there any day care centers?
  • Sorry, there will be no day care facilities on site.
  • Can I bring a stroller?
  • Of course, but we can't store it for you.
【To Handicapped People】
  • Can I enter the event with a wheelchair?
  • Yes, all areas are accessible and our staff will guide you.

Yes, all areas are accessible and our staff will guide you.